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Film/TV/Audio Production - Tax Exempt eligibility guidelines

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    Blank Pop-upTent Waiver.pdf

    Signed waiver required for all tent rentals.
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    Blank Propane & Propane Heater Waiver.pdf

    Signed waiver required for all propane heater rentals.

    Safety Information for Propane Canisters and Propane Heaters:

    ● For outdoor use, and indoor use only in well ventilated areas. Provide a minimum of 48 square inches of open space by opening a window or door to provide fresh, outside air.

    ● NEVER use heater in occupied dwellings.

    ● NEVER use heater in a tent.

    ● Minimum clearance from Combustibles: Top: 5 ft; Sides: 3 ft; Front: 5 ft; Rear: 3 ft.

    ● Operate only on level & stable surfaces.

    ● NEVER leave heater unattended.

    ● Operate heater in a manner that will not directly expose it to water, rain or dripping water.

    ● Keep heater area free from combustible materials such as gasoline, paint thinners & other flammable vapors and liquids.

    ● Dust is combustible; do not use heater in areas of high dust concentration.

    ● Cylinders must be secured and restrained during transportation.